her long-time acquaintance explained her dislike of Pugacheva

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After the star’s family left, it turned out that the Prima Donna had few friends.

Due to the unbearable nature of Alla Pugacheva can not boast of an abundance of friends. Many have avoided her since her youth. And after the recent departure of the Diva from the country, the true attitude to her began to show openly.

The author of the lyrics to the song “Iceberg” Lydia Kozlova recalls the collaboration with the Prima Donna. They met in the 60s. However, the poetess never became friends with the singer. Pugacheva’s character seemed too harsh to her.

“They have never been girlfriends with Alla at all. You know, being friends with Pugacheva means obeying her, I’ve always loved independence, “ – says Kozlova in a conversation with “7Days”.

By the way, it was the song “Iceberg” based on Lydia Kozlova’s poems that made Alla Borisovna a star.

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