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“Hell of a pain. I thought I would die “: Vlad Sokolovsky was urgently hospitalized

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On the morning of March 28, Vlad Sokolovsky was overjoyed with the release of a new music video and promised to show fans pictures of the newborn baby. However, in the evening the condition of the star deteriorated sharply. Vlad felt a pain in his back that was so strong that he could not move.

As a result, I had to call an ambulance. “I’m going here by ambulance. I have renal colic. For the first time in my life. I have never encountered this. It’s just some hell of a pain. I was given a painkiller, but it didn’t help. I thought I would die, “the singer complained.

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As a result, Vlad spent several hours in the clinic. He had to wait his turn to get medical help. “I was there for about seven hours. Of course, there were people in serious condition who were allowed to pass. I was found to have small kidney stones. They need to be treated, because I would not want to experience this for the second time, “the artist shared.

Now Sokolovsky is already at home with the bride and child. It is likely that due to health problems, the singer will have to reduce work activity. Of course, fans supported the musician, offering him several folk ways to get rid of kidney stones.

The disease very inconveniently overtook the artist. Now Vlad is just on the rise. The musician is constantly working on new songs, shooting music videos, while earning money online. Fans hope that Vlad’s health problems will be short-lived, and he will return to work soon.

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