“He would not reproach or insult me ​​in any way”

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Marina Zudina talked to journalists on personal topics and recalled her relationship with director Oleg Tabakov.

The actress was with her husband until his last days and admits that there was unconditional love between them, which is destined to experience not every couple.

Moreover, the star of the TV series “Contents” says that next to Tabakov and could not think of another man, although journalists are still wondering whether there was a place of infidelity in their marriage.

“Sometimes people ask: what would happen if in my relationship with Oleg Pavlovich I fell in love with someone more and wanted this man?” If I fell in love again and strongly – as in him, as I would, of course, I would choose this love.

And Oleg Pavlovich would understand, because he is such a generous man and a man with a capital letter that it would not affect anything. If at some point I decided to change my life and leave, he would not reproach or harm me in any way, “Zudina said in an interview with the magazine.Home hearth».

Earlier, Marina Zudina defended the figure skater Kamila Valieva.

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