He traded in banned substances, fell into a severe depression, and never created a strong family: how Pavel Derevyanko lives now

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Pavel was born on July 2, 1976 in Taganrog in a family of factory workers. My parents worked at the local Red Boiler Plant. Derevyanko grew up at the same time a gifted, versatile and difficult child. He played sports, danced, but studied poorly and had constant complaints about behavior.

Paul found it unproductive to stay in school after eighth grade. Yes, and academic performance is quite possible to identify the guy in the second year. No matter what professions he tried to learn – a nurse, a cook, a hairdresser – everything was wrong. Derevyanko’s idea to become a professional actor was prompted by the local theater studio “Stairs”, where he enrolled in search of himself. In amateur performances, the future star of the screen looked so bright that it seemed quite natural to go and enter the capital’s theater university.

Paul achieved his goal on the second attempt – he became a student of GITIS. However, soon his career, and in general normal human life were in great question. Today, the actor blames only himself for everything. “At the end of the first year, in the second semester, I started selling drugs. I have a conditional year, and it’s a great miracle that I wasn’t kicked out. Even though I was a complete zero in my freshman year! My classmates interceded for me, ”Derevyanko frankly told Macarena on YouTube.

Paul’s first role in a movie was a major one. In a student play, Derevyanko was noticed by director Alexander Kott and in the early 2000s invited two drivers to his film. The film in general and the image of Kolka Snegireva, in particular, were warmly received by the audience, and the artist became recognizable. His career was gaining momentum both in cinema and on the stage. For a couple of years, the actor served in RAMT, and since 2009 his second home – the theater. Moscow Council. Derevyanko worked more and more. The consequences were not long in coming.

In 2010, Paul suffered from severe depression. He did not understand what was happening to him. He simply felt an extraordinary weakness, both mental and physical, and gave up his favorite activities in the gym. The darkest thoughts kept creeping into my head. “I felt terrible, I couldn’t sleep, I had no appetite. It was painful. I spent about six months in such a terrible state, ”the artist admitted to journalists. He did not turn to specialists, he was able to gradually get out of the problem himself. He has repeatedly stated that there is nothing steeper in life than work and family.

Paul does not hide that there were many women in his life. The actor has never been officially married. He has many years of a very peculiar relationship with Daria Myasishcheva – a lawyer by education, a businesswoman, great-granddaughter of the famous Soviet aircraft designer Vladimir Myasishchev. The couple then converged, then parted. Daria gave Derevyanko two daughters. The eldest Barbara is 11 years old, the youngest Alexandra is 7. At the end of 2020, Paul announced that he and Daria were finally breaking up. “The time has come, we realized that it is better for us to remain just friends to prevent possible conflicts that were already ready to break out. We saw it in time, discussed everything and, in order not to lead to war, decided to stop, “he said.

After that, the actor posted joint photos with his ex-wife and children on social networks, but stressed: “We do not live with Dasha, but we are very friendly and raise our two beautiful daughters. Each of us has a personal life. We are each other’s people. Girls, don’t write that Daria has sad eyes, she is absolutely happy and self-sufficient! ”

To date, the number of films with the participation of Pavel Derevyanko has exceeded one hundred. In 2022, viewers will see the actor in the lead roles in three new movies. This is the next season of the TV series “Dildo”, the comedy “Unprincipled-3” and the fantastic action movie “Darknet”.

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