“He slept on his father’s sofa.” Hamilton wants to make a film about his childhood

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Seven-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton has considered making a biographical film about his childhood. The Briton admitted that he was inspired by the picture “King Richard” about the life of the father of tennis players Serena and Venus Williams, starring Will Smith.

“I was very inspired by what Will and his team did. Stories exist to be told, and they allow you to learn a lot. Maybe someday I’ll do such a project too.

I did not grow up in the most prosperous area, all my childhood I slept on the couch in my father’s apartment. Behind every successful person is someone else. And without my family, I wouldn’t be who I am.

All families want the best for their children, give them the best opportunities, guide them on the right path. It seems to me that the film “King Richard” perfectly conveys this message, “- quotes Hamilton German RTL.

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