He did not celebrate with her: Khabensky demonstrated his power

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Khudruk of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater was left without an employee.

Konstantin Khabensky was not used to babysitting his subordinates. Khudruk of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater acts harshly and without talking when it comes to working moments.

It became known that Khabensky fired one of his deputies – Marina Andreikina. The employee wrote the statement of her own free will, but apparently Khabensky was not going to persuade her to stay.

By the way, Khabensky always wanted to have two deputies. Not so long ago, one of them was Pavel Velichko, in the past – Deputy Head of Sochi for Economic Affairs. Perhaps Andreykina could not find common ground with him, he said “TV program”.

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