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He confessed his love for one, and had an affair with another. Exposing Vali’s boyfriend Karna.val

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It is unlikely that Valya Karna.val expected that the project “Stars in Africa” ​​on TNT would change her life so much. At the show, the girl met athlete Sasha Stone. Insistent rumors about their novel soon began to appear on the Internet. Now the stars periodically publish joint pictures, without even trying to hide their sympathy for each other.

Sasha’s ex-lover decided to add a spoonful of tar, accusing him of hypocrisy and betrayal. “Let Valya be careful, because the person next to her is very mean. We were together, and he confessed his love for me when he had an affair with her, “complained the ex-athlete.

don’t miss itShe became a laughing stock because of the Valley and gave up the crash of Creed. New youth icon Valya Karna.val

She attached a video as evidence. In this video, Stone really confesses to the girl’s feelings, while talking about shooting in the project. “I love you madly. I feel, or rather I even know, that you are the only one. And I will do everything to make us happy together, “the young man shared his emotions.

Stone’s behavior was not affected by this situation: the athlete continues to hint at an affair with Valya. So, on Tuesday, he boasted on social media a gorgeous bouquet of daisies, which he bought for the chosen one.

Karna.val itself does not comment on personal life. After the scandalous parting with Egor Creed, the girl tries not to discuss the relationship at all. She talks to fans exclusively about creativity.

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