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In our minds, rock music is strongly associated with rebellion and opposition to the rules. And who, if not teenagers, should rebel? It is this mix and decided to mix on Netflix for the new original film of the site – the youth musical comedy “Gods of Heavy Metal” (Metal Lords). The main role in the film was played by Jaden Martell, known for his roles in the dilogy “It” and the thriller “Get the Knives”.

The story revolves around high school students studying classical music at their school. Trying to impress a classmate he likes, a guy named Kevin takes a desperate step and joins a rock band playing in the style of heavy metal. It is from this moment that the shy graduate realizes that he is tired of being an exemplary boy, and is ready to rebel in the best traditions of the genre.

Original trailer:

Trailer in Russian:

Peter Sollett, who worked on the series “Evil” and “Vinyl”, shot the story of the school rebels, and DB Weiss wrote the script, which helped with such high-profile projects as “Game of Thrones” and “World of the Wild West”.

Judging by the trailer, we are waiting for a movie in the spirit of classic films about school with a musical focus such as “Bandslam: School Rock Stars” or “Sing Street”. Jaden Martell alone looks extremely unusual in the image of a botanist who decided to go to the “dark side”.

The Gods of Heavy Metal will be released on Netflix on April 8.

We advise you to watch the first shots of another youth project – filming of the comic Heartstopper (“With the fading of the heart”). The release of the series is scheduled for spring 2022.

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