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The skater could not withstand the flow of aggression in her address.

Tatiana Navka and her family have been having a hard time lately. She regularly faces hate and even harassment. However, Dmitry Peskov’s wife admitted that she did not hold a grudge against her offenders.

“Lately, I have been reading a huge amount not of hate, but of unrealistic hatred, I would even say hysteria and agony, in my address, to my family, compatriots and the country as a whole.

I want to tell these people one thing, I sincerely feel sorry for them, they are looking for the culprits, where they are not, they blame everyone in a row and spill negativity into the world. I forgive you “, – Tatiana Navka wrote on social networks.

The skater wished her ill-wishers peace of mind and peace of mind. Fans supported Tatiana.

“Reasonable words”, “Completely in solidarity”, “I really liked the way you wrote” – people commented.

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