Hans Zimmer interrupts concert in London to show how Ukrainian pianist plays a theme from “The Beginning” to the sound of sirens

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Oscar-winning composer Hans Zimmer has suspended a concert in London to show a short video that touched not only visitors but also much of the Internet.

Zimmer is currently touring Europe, presenting some of his best compositions for a variety of films, including “It’s Not Time to Die,” “Sherlock Holmes” and “Dune.” However, during the presentation of the track “Time” from Christopher Nolan’s film “The Beginning”, something special happened. The composer showed the audience a video released earlier this week where musician Alex from the Ukrainian city of Lviv performs a “Time” theme in front of a crowd, refusing to stop despite the howls of sirens warning of an air strike.

The video of the performance was recorded by National Geographic photographer John Stanmeyer, who described what he saw on Instagram:

When the sirens sounded, the police asked everyone to come to the train station. Alex (@alexpian_official) did not stop, playing even louder against the background of sirens. His girlfriend with pink nails joined. A simple, overflowing moment of passion against fear, against war … He played and played without stopping.

In addition, the composer introduced members of his ensemble from Ukraine. According to him, only 10 people came.

In addition, the composer recorded a separate video in which he addressed the pianist and thanked him.

We will play Time for you today. We will always play Time for you. We will always be near you. Thank you.

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