Hande Erchel did not keep silent about her personal life

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Fans are closely following the girl’s personal life.

Hande Erchel excited fans with rumors about her new novel. According to fans, the celebrity is dating Kaan Yildirim.

For several days now, Internet users and tabloids have been discussing the new novel of the star of the series “Knock on my door”. That is why, as soon as Erchel returned from her Italian vacation to Istanbul, journalists attacked her right at the airport. The press tried to find out the details of the life and new projects of the actress, but the main issue was her relationship with Kaan.

As the actress noted in a conversation with journalist Akif Yaman, whom she quotes Elle Girl, she is not yet ready to comment on a possible novel, as she is very tired after the flight. According to the celebrity, in the near future she will confirm or refute all rumors related to her personal life.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. As many fans have noted, they do not expect to receive all the answers from the girl herself. In addition, her words at the airport, according to fans, were said to stop the conversation with the journalist.

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