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Hande Erchel and Kerem Bursin missed each other in Dubai

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Fans still believe in the reunion of celebrities.

Actress Hande Erchel is enjoying her vacation in the UAE, despite parting ways with Kerem Bursin. The celebrity shared her vacation photos on her social networks.

In a series of publications, the star of the series “Knock on my door” in the company of close friends is studying one of the main cities of the United Arab Emirates. Erchel tries not to deny himself anything during the holidays and combines socializing with relaxing on local beaches. At the same time, many fans were convinced that during the trip the girl will definitely encounter Bursin, who not so long ago also went on a trip. However, the hopes of the fans did not come true.

During the trip, Bursin chose to focus mainly on European cities. He already had time to visit Spain, and then went to Italy. Now, according to local media, the artist intends to return to Turkey, where work will soon begin on his project for Disney +.

At the same time, both celebrities ignore numerous messages from fans who are trying to find out any details of their breakup. Each publication of the artists is accompanied by hundreds of questions, but the stars do not react to them and do not communicate with the press.

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