Hande Ercel, who received a severe blow, left Turkey

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The celebrity can not cope with emotional experiences.

Actress Hande Erchel went on a trip to London. Thus, the girl is experiencing a breakup with Kerem Bursin.

The first break in the stars of the series “Knock on my door” became known a few weeks ago, and the reason, according to media reports, was a new work by Bursin. Since then, fans of the artists have split into two camps: some believe that they really broke up, while others believe that this is just a PR campaign. The artists do not comment on their personal lives, but not so long ago it became known that Erchel decided to change the situation to survive the painful quarrel.

According to the portal RusTurkey.com, now the celebrity is in the capital of Great Britain, where he enjoys local attractions and tries to spend time as actively as possible. The Internet also helps to distract her. According to the media, she spends hours on social networks, and one of her main consolations is the sharp rise of her career.

Earlier it became known that Kerem Bursin does not suffer so much because of the separation. According to his relatives, who are quoted by local journalists, he is full of strength and energy, so relatives and friends know nothing about the actor’s emotional experiences.

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