Hailey Bieber followed Rihanna’s belly bare after rumors of a pregnancy

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Justin Bieber’s wife has provided conclusive evidence of her interesting position.

A few months ago, rumors surfaced in the media that Justin Bieber and his wife Haley would soon become fathers and mothers. The singer’s wife denied any rumors of pregnancy. And recently she took a desperate step.

Recently, foreign stars are exposing their bellies after the news of pregnancy. So did Rihanna, and later Britney Spears. Hailey recently decided to do the same. She put on a crop top and showed off a perfectly flat stomach.

In this way, Hailey proved not by word but by deed that she is not yet in an interesting position. However, the couple hopes that in the future they will definitely have a baby – just now they believe that their time for parenthood has not yet come.

Photo: social networks Hailey Bieber

“I think ideally we will start trying in the next couple of years. I say “let’s try” because no one knows how long it will take, “she told the publication. WSJ.

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