Guzeeva’s departure abroad may not be enough to restore her strength

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The psychologist explained the conditions under which the actress will be able to improve her health.

The psychologist advised the TV presenter not to refuse to communicate.

Larisa Guzeeva went on vacation to Bulgaria, which caused a flood of criticism. In addition to improving his physical health, which has deteriorated due to kovid, the star hopes to restore the psyche shaken by the attacks of haters. Will the change in the situation help Guzeeva to recover psychologically, the psychologist said Andrey Zberovsky.

According to the expert, moving has a positive effect on the psyche, but at the same time you can not shut yourself in and refuse to communicate with like-minded and nice people.

“Rest with a change of place, no doubt, promotes mental recovery. But it is important that there is communication. Of course, moving is stress, because the body reacts to changes in humidity, temperature, pressure. But this stress is positive – it triggers the adaptive mechanisms of the psyche, “family psychologist Andrei Zberovsky told PopCornNews.

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