Guzeev, who lost his job, was publicly attached

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The star shocked Internet users with repairs in his apartment.

TV presenter Larisa Guzeeva is an active user of social networks. Since the celebrity lost her job on the show “Let’s get married!”, She now spends most of her time at home, where she records videos, which she shows to fans on her Telegram channel.

Meanwhile, Internet users attached Larisa Andreevna to the interior of her apartment. According to the vast majority, it can not be called fashionable or modern. Interestingly, on the Internet, the renovation of the artist’s home was also called a model of what it could be like in the apartment of a “wealthy owner of a network of tire fitters in 2004.”

“TV, like picture, is fire,” “The situation is twenty years old,” the comments read. However, the star also had defenders who thought that no one should care about Guzeeva’s house. They said that “older people have a conservative taste.”

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