Guberniev did not keep silent about his relationship with the famous singer

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The commentator has great respect for the singer of the hit “You’re not like that”.

Dmitry Guberniev revealed the details of his relationship with Yuliana Karaulova. Earlier, the singer admitted that it was in the company of a TV presenter spent his first wedding night.

According to the actress, immediately after the wedding she was forced to go on tour. As soon as the wedding ceremony was over, she went to the airport, so her first night as a married girl came on a flight where she was accompanied by Guberniev. As the commentator noted, this spicy story is completely true. At the same time, Dmitry himself was sincerely happy for Karaulova, with whom they have warm friendships.

“We sat next to each other, and I was happy with the happiness of my friend, a wonderful singer,” – quotes the words of the celebrity portal Teleprogramma.pro.

As it turned out, the TV presenter loves Karaulov the most from the stars of the Russian stage. He closely monitors her work, and as a wedding gift he presented her with a CD with his songs. It is his album, as the commentator is sure, that inspired the artist to new hits and made her a real star.

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