Group “Bi-2” refused to perform in Omsk because of the banner with “Z”

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The Bi-2 group canceled the concert in Omsk due to the fact that a banner with the symbols of the special operation in Ukraine was hung in the sports complex chosen by them for the performance.

How reports “Rise”, the concert organizers tried to cover the banner “Za President” with black canvas, but the management of the site asked to remove the fabric. Upon learning of this, the musicians left.

“They did not agree. And they just left. We are just providing a playground,” the management of the sports complex told reporters.

On the social network, the musicians confirmed the cancellation of the concert and promised to return the money for tickets. However, the message does not specify the exact reason.

“We were not allowed to hold the concert, it had to be canceled,” the artists said. They also said that the group was under “information attack”.

At the same time, the Deputy Minister of Sports and Youth Policy of the region Ivan Kolesnik said that the reason for the cancellation of the concert was the disagreement of the musicians to perform in the hall with such a banner.

“Bi-2 did not like this banner,” the official said.

The Deputy Minister also added that the artists refused to compromise, the talks did not lead to anything, as a result, the group left the sports complex almost 15 minutes before the concert. After that, the official took the stage in front of the audience and made a statement.

Earlier in Tyumen, the concert of the group “DDT” was canceled. It was reported that the reason was the reluctance of the group’s leader Yuri Shevchuk to perform in the building, on the facade of which was hung the letter “Z”.

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