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x s “Big Second” 2021, poster.

A truly gifted person needs very little to create a worthy work. You do not need huge cash infusions, first-class caste, fashionable scenery and exceptional graphics. Just give room for thought and a pencil with paper – that’s enough talent. Victor Shamirov and his recent author’s project “Big Second” – a direct confirmation of all the above. A simple story with clear characters attracts the viewer literally from the first series.

The series is based on two storylines. In the first: a couple of screenwriters – Kostya (Viktor Shamirov) and Kira (Olga Suponeva) – are working on a new project instead. It immediately becomes clear that they are not just colleagues, but former lovers. Throughout the action, we will monitor the development of their relationship and how the work on the script proceeds. The story written by Kostya and Kira is a parallel plot line. The main characters are a young music teacher Arina (Evgenia Borzykh) and a failed composer Rostislav (Dmitry Lysenkov). Due to awkward circumstances, long-term relations are established between them.

“Big Second” stands out from the general list of new-fangled streaming series. There are no bed scenes at all, no pathos and no clever plot. The series is based exclusively on interesting dialogues and demonstrations of everyday problems that are familiar to everyone. You listen to the heroes and try to make life meaningful with them. At the same time, it cannot be said that what is happening on the screen is depressing. On the contrary, the series looks very easy. 25 minutes of time fly by unnoticed. And the awkwardness and a kind of childish naivete of the actors every now and then makes you smile. Strange how this is even possible. After all, if you think about it, all the characters are deeply unhappy people. However, the picture manages to keep the spark of goodness and hope, without slipping into another suicidal black woman.

Dmitry Lysenkov and Evgeny Borzykh in “Big Second”.

Shamirov himself said that he wrote and shot “The Big Second” as “Soviet cinema – detailed and attentive, but very optimistic.” In my opinion, the creator managed to realize his plan. Great respect to the producers of the “Start” platform for making this – in a way, experimental – series take place.

Plus, “The Big Second” is an opportunity to look out of the corner of the film. In particular, if you are interested in the intricacies of the screenwriter’s work, the series tells about it. It is also very interesting to know which demons nest in the minds of masterful authors. The “big second” touches on this side of the issue, and does so very frankly.

There were no major mistakes in the selection of actors for leading roles either. Everyone fit into the characters of their heroes quite organically. Despite the fact that Viktor Shamirov, by his own admission, did not want to play in the picture himself, it is difficult to imagine who would have coped with the task better. I was also pleased with the appearance of Lyudmila Artemyeva, who has not had significant projects for a long time.

Lyudmila Artemyeva in the movie “Big Second”.

When I look at the works of Viktor Shamirov, I have the feeling that I am touching real art, subtle and eternal. So it was with the movies “Here’s What Happens to Me” and “Exercises in the Beautiful.” So it was with the “Big Second”. Of course, the series has its drawbacks, but I’m so fascinated by this picture that I don’t want to single them out. Just spend five hours of your life watching the TV series “Big Second”. 13 series of 20-25 minutes.

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