Grachevsky received a sign from above at the birth of his son

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Intuition deceived the head of “Yeralash”.

Boris Grachevsky was overjoyed when his fourth child was born. The director’s son was born to the director’s young wife Ekaterina Belotserkovskaya, whom he compared to Madonna. And not just like that.

The fact is that Grachevsky’s heir was born on April 8, immediately after the Orthodox Feast of the Annunciation. In addition, Boris Yurievich saw another important sign for him from the universe, which he admitted Wday.ru.

“As soon as she gave birth, the sun came out. It was a sign that everything would be fine, despite all the difficulties associated with the pandemic! ” Grachevsky rejoiced.

He spent time with his son, admired his wife, deftly managing the baby, and boasted touching photos with colleagues, full of optimism.

However, intuition let down the head of “Yeralash”. Boris Yurievich contracted the coronavirus, which, despite all the efforts of doctors, could not overcome.

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