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Magazine GQ KOREA wrote about incredible achievements youpresenting endless records and artist titles.

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BTS you was voted “Best K-Pop Artist of 2021” in France. From “The most beautiful face in the world” to “The most popular idol in 2021.” you always takes first place. “

Taehyun is “the first k-pop idol in history to become the best k-pop artist in France.”

With the addition of this title to the list of titles youThe media enthusiastically commented on the influence and impact of the artist around the world.

“This time it’s Europe. Popularity you proved its popularity in France. you took first place, gaining 4,416,875 votes in the category “2021 Best K-Pop Artist” in the French music and art voting “IVR (Idols’ Voice Rising)”, which took place for three months from January 16 to April 15… “

The media said that they wrote many articles for the artist, as he too often took first place, receiving many titles in various fields, from visual titles to musical achievements and records.

you has strengthened his individual career with numerous achievements and records, further proving his popularity and influence, as well as his role in representing Korea to the world.

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