Gorelektrotrans donated house books to the St. Petersburg archives

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The collection of the Central State Archive of St. Petersburg has been replenished with new house books. Gorelektrotrans reports 125 cases of the Leningrad tram and trolleybus department.

The house book is a special document where homeowners enter all the information about residents and employees. Today they are no longer used, but they seriously help researchers in their work.

The house book was also called the house passport. The book recorded basic information about the person – name, age, apartment number. Contributed information on nationality and sources of income.

The books are not in the best form in the archive – torn, burned, with blurred lines. Here they are disinfected and restored.

House books, employees say, are really helpful in studying the history of St. Petersburg. Sometimes it is possible to restore the lost ties of the whole family.

“We have a huge collection of house books, over 70,000. At some addresses, houses have not survived, and house books store information about their inhabitants, “said Peter Tishchenko, chairman of the Archives Committee.

Photo and video: TV channel “St. Petersburg”

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