Gordon gave a true attitude to Baranovskaya

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The first impressions did not deceive the presenter.

The tandem of Julia Baranovskaya and Alexander Gordon in the program “Male / Female” was incredibly successful and generated many rumors about the secret novel of colleagues and their mutual hatred.

Yulia Menshova revealed to the whole country what Gordon really thinks about Baranovskaya. She showed the host an excerpt from an interview with Alexander, who recalled the beginning of their collaboration:

“I did not know her. Well, some girl, a little like Katya Gordon [бывшая жена Александра — прим. ред.]that alarmed me. It was difficult to call it a casting, because there were no other candidates besides Julia, as I understood.

It was as sniffing as dogs were when they met. She made a bad impression on me: inexperienced, illiterate, angry, afraid of everything. In general, I was almost right. “

At the same time, Gordon noted that Baranovskaya showed everything she was capable of, and unlike him, she enjoyed genuine work. The presenter explained on the air of the program “Alone with everyone“, That on” Male / Female “he is responsible for timing, and Julia – for emotions.

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