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MOSCOW, March 27. / TASS /. Pavel Palazhchenko, the personal translator of the first president of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev, presented his book “Profession and Time. Notes of a Diplomatic Translator”, in which he assesses Soviet foreign policy during the years of perestroika. The event took place during the fair of non / fiction intellectual literature.

“I believe that my book is not only a documentary story, but also the apologetics of the participants in those events. Not only from our side – Gorbachev, [министра иностранных дел СССР) Эдуарда Шеварднадзе, [помощника президента СССР по международным делам] Anatoly Chernyaev, but their negotiating partners – [президентов США] “Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, Secretary of State George Schulz, and other negotiating partners,” Palazchenko said.

According to him, the book is based on three sources. “First of all, this is my memory and some of my records. The second source is a book published in the United States in English in 1997 entitled” Years with Gorbachev and Shevardnadze, “Palazhchenko said, adding that the third source was open Russian and American archival materials, including transcripts of talks between the leaders of the two countries.

He pointed out that in addition to the story of his work as a translator, the book also contains autobiographical data. Palazhchenko noted that the pages challenge some of the negative assessments of the USSR’s international policy during the years of perestroika that exist in modern Russian society.

Palazhchenko stressed that in his book he described many dramatic moments in the preparation and conduct of Soviet-American talks. He expressed confidence that the “tight knots” of modern Russian-American relations will have to be untangled in the future and expressed hope that modern domestic diplomats in his book “will find clues” to solve these problems in the future.

During the presentation, Palazhchenko also touched upon the peculiarities of the work of synchronists during the talks. He spoke about the specifics of translating proverbs and aphorisms. In particular, he recalled the phrase “breaking the country through the knee.”

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