Google now has the opportunity to use the beta signal on the occasion of the release of “Batman”

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The Batman advertising comic campaign is gaining momentum on the occasion of its imminent release. Now Google users can find a beta signal on the search page when entering certain queries: just type in the words “Bruce Wayne”, “Gotham City” or “Bat-Signal”. By clicking on the beta signal, the user can see the prepared animation using the signal itself and Batman’s flight under the roar of thunder.

Batman’s plot will focus on the first two years of billionaire Bruce Wayne as the Dark Knight who challenged Gotham’s crime. He has to find and catch the Mystery Man, who will kill high-ranking residents of the city and leave Batman tips in the spirit of the serial killer Zodiac.

Former director Matt Reeves reported about the beginning of the production of the sequel, and Robert Pattinson presented a fresh excerpt from a movie on Jimmy Kimmel’s show.

The comic book will appear in Russian cinemas on March 2.

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