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Glory criticized the stars who flew to rest during a special operation in Ukraine: video

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Singer Slava rebuked the stars of show business, who flew on vacation during a special operation in Ukraine. The actress said that she did not understand how you can relax at such a time.

“Our show business didn’t like me, thank God, and I couldn’t stand them,” said Slava. The singer noted that she works despite the fact that it is hard for her, but does not go to rest. Slava stressed that people need to see the performances of artists in difficult times.

Then the singer again turned to the Ukrainian Max Barsky, who many times insulted Russia and decided to ban Russians from listening to their music.

“Be honest. Then all the money you earned in Russia on corporate events – and I’m sure you earned it here for your well-being, for hours, for apartments, for everything else, I’m sure that your main money capital was earned in Russia , – you then return, give to people. For humanitarian aid, for charity, give them to your country. Give it away. This will be an act, this will be fair, ”Slava called on the singer.

Formerly Glory statedthat has always been and will be a patriot of Russia.

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