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Gleb Samoilov in the new interview shared his thoughts on the fate of the group “Agatha Christie”.

In about 1994-1995, at a rock festival, the word “legendary” first sounded in our address. I was very surprised then. Although some still think we had an unrealistic take-off and cool albums, we actually reappeared for two years and then disappeared.

1987-1989 – a kind of popularity. In 1990, the album “Decadence” in our native Sverdlovsk failed miserably. The next – “Shameful Star”, which included the song “Like in War” – became popular first in St. Petersburg, then in Moscow.

Then we took a break from the release of “Hurricane”. And while it was being written, many new young strong artists and groups appeared: “Mummy Troll”, “Bi-2”, “Semantic Hallucinations” and others. The guys from “Bi-2” later admitted to us that they would not exist and “there would be no one in the genre if you (that is,” Agatha Christie “) did not break through this wall – rock and pop.”

But the fact remains: our “Hurricane” failed even before its appearance precisely because new faces and names appeared.

It wasn’t until many years later that I realized what our mistake was and what really bothered people. We tried to play more accurately and carefully, even something symphonic, smooth, clean. And it was necessary to preserve the spirit of brokenness, which was the spirit of the time.

From 1992 we slowly began to crawl again, in 1995-1996 we were also popular. And then, I think, we will become popular only posthumously.

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