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From a football player to a rapper. Dead Dynasty leader Gleb Golubin, known by the pseudonym Pharaoh, wanted to be a footballer as a child, but changed his mind – and in 2013 recorded his first Cadillac track. Later, the mixtape “Wadget” grew out of it, for some songs from which the artist shot music videos.

Wave hype. In February 2015, Pharaoh released another video – Black Siemens. By March 2016, he had collected more than 10 million views on YouTube, and the line “Scr-scr-scr” from his chorus became an Internet meme. However, in March of the same year, the artist hid the clip from access, which provoked a new wave of discussion of his person. Later, access to the video was restored, now it has more than 20 million views. Golubin combined music with his studies: in 2017 he graduated from the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University.

Calm down. In 2018, the artist recorded a mini-album Redrum and mixtape Phuneral, after which his creative biography began a year and a half of calm. In March 2020, Pharaoh returned with a new album “Rule”, which in a day has already gained 8 million listens on “VKontakte”.

Return. Later in 2021, Pharaoh released a deluxe version of the album called Million Dollar Depression and conducted a large-scale tour in support of it. Now the official page of the musician in “VKontakte” has more than 1 million subscribers. According to Forbes sources close to VK, Pharaoh may be the headliner of VK Fest 2022.

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