Giselle from aespa criticized for “suicide” because of phone loss

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Giselle from aespa again in the spotlight because of her remarks. Women’s group SM Entertainment, aespa, starred in a video blog while visiting New York. During one of the scenes it was heard how Giselle said about suicide, which caused criticism.

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On December 11, Vogue magazine uploaded a video blog about the women’s group’s trip to New York. In the video, the band visits the Empire State Building.

Looking at the city, Giselle made an ambiguous remark, saying: “I will indeed commit suicide if my phone drops». Although Vogue translated it as “I will die if my phone drops“, In English subtitles it was clear how Giselle used the word “suicide».

Several users of the network criticized her for a careless allusion to suicide and too frivolous attitude to a serious problem. Various videos were soon posted on several Korean online communities, sparking controversy among online community users.

Some users of the network expressed their disappointment and commented: “I hate comments about suicide or death. I am very disappointed that she says so»“She didn’t even say, ‘I’m going to die,’ she said, ‘I’m going to kill myself.’ I really doubt that the people she was around talk like that, “” Her speech was very insensitive, “” It’s very bad slang, I don’t think she knew they were recording the sound, so she said it calmly. “And” Her image is spoiled for me. “

However, there were other users of the network who said that they understood why she said it this way, because teenagers talk like that these days. Netizens, who supported the idol, commented: “I understand she’s young, and teenagers say that these days, “” I think it’s a problem that she put her sentence that way, but I think they had to edit that part, “” I think people will problems with everything she says ”and“ I don’t think she realized how serious that phrase is because she’s not Korean. Maybe she’ll never use it again».

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