Gina’s “Super Tuna” track proves its popularity by playing in the most unpredictable places

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December 4 senior participant BTS Gin surprised ARMI by releasing a short song called “Super Tuna” to celebrate his 29th birthday.

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He had no idea that “Super Tuna” would take the world by storm and become a real hit. Following the release, the song went viral on social media, there was even a challenge “Super Tuna”, which was joined by millions of fans.

BTS Jin Super Tuna
Photo: Twitter: @bts_bighit
Super Tuna Gin (BTS)

The track became so popular that he himself Gin out of embarrassment, he asked fans to stop the challenge, which by itself did not work.

Now, three months later, “Super Tuna” is still gaining momentum, playing in completely different places and being broadcast around the world.

But now it has started to be included in new and unexpected places – in clubs!

According to fans who shared their experiences on Twitter, the viral song is now playing in clubs in the world’s largest cities: New York, London and Moscow.

In the posted videos you can see how club visitors have fun under the “Super Tuna”, even trying to copy famous movements from the music video.

Although “Super Tuna” is not like the usual club music, it is more than warm.

Just as “Super Tuna” went viral around the world, the song became popular in South Korea – it was shown in several programs and called a viral sensation in many media.

Recently, on February 19, the song was again in trend in South Korea and took first place in the search for MelOn, after it was shown in the 200th special episode of the popular entertainment show Amazing Saturday.

In particular, the show played excerpts from the song for 15 minutes, and participants had to guess the song and record its words.

On Twitter, “cha 참치” (“super chamchi” / “Super Tuna”) got into trends with more than 10,000 mentions, and “Gin»And« tuna »took, respectively, 1st and 3rd place in the top of the MelOn search.

Given how contagious the song “Super Tuna” is, it will definitely continue to gain popularity in the future.

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