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The series “The X-Files” can be called cult. Neither time nor feature films and not the best final seasons of 2016-2018 could reduce its popularity.

Speaking to Variety reporters, Gillian Anderson admitted that it was incredibly difficult and important for her to play the role of an FBI agent, showing not just a woman in public service, but a unique character fighting for her rights. Her Dana Scully is imbued with a feminist spirit, and before her appearance, the world of TV series could not boast of having such heroines on television at the time.

It is worth noting that, despite not the highest rating of feature films and the final seasons of the series, true fans of “Secret Materials” would not mind seeing their favorite characters again. Only the actors themselves have a great deal of doubt about the revival of history in any format.

“I’m not ready to go back to Dana Scully right now. This seems too old an idea. Especially since it all ended on such a bad note. However, if we make a new season or offer some other way to revive “Secret Materials”, we need a completely new lineup of writers, which would allow the series to get a fresh jet of energy and become truly progressive, “said Gillian Anderson, who said. «».

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