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The Giant Hall Concert Hall was closed for non-compliance with antique measures. Information about this appeared March 11 on the page of the Committee on Culture.

On March 5, an uncoordinated concert of the group “Alice” took place on the site. According to the Committee on Culture, the organizers did not comply with the requirements for seating and social distance, spectators were without masks, and tickets for the event were sold without specifying seats.

Violations were recorded by representatives of the culture committee with the participation of police officers and the property control committee. Administrative proceedings have been opened against the organizers, and a unique QR code has been canceled at the site.

In July last year, when the authorities introduced mandatory approval of concerts in the Committee on Culture, the leader of the group “Alice” Konstantin Kinchev released a video message.

“I don’t want to live in your digital concentration camp… I tried to be loyal to the state for a long time. It didn’t work out, “the rocker said.

Earlier, Kinchev was accused of holding an uncoordinated concert under the guise of filming a video for “Alice”. In November, the musician called “fascism” forcing people to get vaccinated and opposed the introduction of QR codes.

The leader of the group “Alice” has repeatedly stated that he will not hold concerts in conditions of obvious restrictions, while spectators are allowed to the event by QR-codes.

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