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A Russian-language trailer for the upcoming May premiere of The Ghost Squad has hit the Internet. One of the main roles in the crime fighter category B is played by the legend of the action genre Bruce Willis, who recently announced the end of his career due to progressive dementia.

Here is what the official synopsis from the Russian distributor “MDfilm” looks like:

The elite Ghost Squad was always the first to storm. But after an unsuccessful quest in which the hostages were killed, the unit was disbanded and the best agents became ordinary civilians. One day, a member of the battle group is kidnapped from his wife and demanded a ransom of $ 2 million, which must be obtained in 24 hours. Well, to cope with such a mission will have to reunite the ghost squad and settle old scores.

In addition to Willis, a veteran of the genre, starring Kevin Dillon’s “Handsome” star, Frank Grillo, whom you may remember from “Doomsday 2-3” or the second or third part of the adventures of Marvel’s Captain America, and Brooke Butler, who came to light in the series “Ozark”.

“Phantom Squad” is expected in Russian cinemas from May 12.

Another movie from MDfilm is currently in the box office – the action drama “Harry Haft: The Last Fight”. The film tells the story of a boxer who is forced to fight in Auschwitz in the ring for the right to survive. You can read a review of the film right now.

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