George Martin complained that his fans were unhappy with the book’s delay

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George R. R. Martin in a podcast Coupledom admittedthat “Winter winds“, The sixth book of the cycle”A song of ice and flame“,” Late “. And he complained that fans of the series often express their impatience through negativity and “malice”.

I understand, “Winter Winds”, the sixth book, is late. And I can get a hundred good comments, but there are still a few fans who will remind me of this on my blog or somewhere else. I write: “Happy Thanksgiving!” And they said to me: “Don’t care about Thanksgiving, where’s the book ?!”.

George Martin

According to Martin, he loves his community as a whole, and blames social networks for the brutality of the people. According to him, Internet communication created this scenario, because before the mass popularity of social networks, he had never encountered such malice.

In April 2011, when HBO began showing the series “Game of Thrones“, Four books of the cycle were published and the fifth was soon published. Fans hoped that the writer would have time to finish the story while filming. But this did not happen, and the finale of the series disappointed viewers.

While working on the sixth book, Martin managed to write scripts for a series of other series based on the saga, although so far only “Dragon House». A game based on his plot Elden Ring. About the release dates of “Winter Winds” and even more so “Dream of spring“No one is making any assumptions anymore.

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