General Millie feared that Trump might start a war

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The top US military chief of staff, General Mark Millie, feared that Donald Trump could resort to military action, including the use of nuclear weapons, in the last days of his presidency, and took steps to prevent such a turn of events. This is stated by the authors of the new book “Danger” journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa.

According to the American media, which published excerpts from the book on Tuesday, Millie convened a secret meeting of Pentagon leaders on January 8, at which he demanded that they not follow orders to start hostilities without his consent, ie strictly follow the protocol. Millie was reportedly concerned that Trump had “built his alternate reality with endless election conspiracies.” He took action after a call from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who asked him if anything could be done to prevent the “unstable president” from starting a military conflict or launching a nuclear strike.

According to the authors of the book, General Millie also called the Chief of Staff of the Central Military Council of China, General Li Zhocheng, who was concerned about the situation in Washington after the January 6 attack on the Capitol and assured him that the situation was under control. This was the second conversation between American and Chinese military leaders. The first telephone conversation took place on October 30 last year. General Milli then received intelligence that the Chinese military believed that the United States could use the exercises in the South China Sea as an excuse to strike at China, and he explained to the Chinese counterpart that the United States did not intend to attack China. Not only that, he promised to warn the Chinese general in advance if the United States decides to strike.

In response to the publication, former US President Donald Trump said that if the information in the book is true, then General Millie deserves to be prosecuted for treason, as he contacted the Chinese side behind the president and promised to warn of a possible attack.

Woodward and Costa say they interviewed more than two hundred while working on a book about the last days of Donald Trump’s stay at the White House. The names of these people, however, are not given. The book contains excerpts from secret documents. Bob Woodward is the author of several books on different presidents. He is known for his extensive connections in the American political establishment.

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