Gene from BTS is the most popular K-pop artist on Instagram

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Gene from BTS became the most popular Korean artist on Instagram in January and February this year.

BTS members created their own Instagram accounts just two months ago, in December 2021, but now many millions of people have subscribed to them.

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According to official Instagram statistics, one of the band’s members, Gene, received the most subscriptions among all K-pop artists in January and February.

In January, 2,813,665 people signed up for Gin’s account. And 2,038,267 users in February. Both times he topped the list of all the k-pop artists.

Jin often appears on Korean television when he is mentioned in the news or other celebrities. His viral hit “Super Tuna” still resonates on popular TV shows, making Gina the №1 trend in Korean search queries. For example, in January, Gene topped the Idol Men’s Brand Reputation Rankings due to the sheer public interest following the release of Super Tuna and Yours.

Gene usually publishes 4-5 posts a month, and his tape consists of cozy, charming and beautiful photos. In all his posts, the idol looks otherworldly beautiful. For example, Japanese netizens chose Gina’s Instagram as their favorite account among BTS members.

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