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Gemini will start fantasizing, and Scorpios will be full of energy – Society

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The horoscope became known on Tuesday, March 29. Someone is contraindicated to be nervous on this day. Someone will be challenged. Someone should be distracted from mental work and do physical. Some will gush with energy, and some will read the thoughts of others.


You take everything too seriously. It may be good, in terms of the effectiveness of your work, but nerve cells, although recovering (if the latest statements of scientists in this regard are justified), but still very slow.


Today will be a long and tiring day. One can only wish that it would end as soon as possible.


If you could shoot the pictures that run through your imagination, Hollywood would have gone bankrupt long ago. Indulge in fantasies, today it will hardly be possible to dedicate to more pleasant employment.


Today you will be challenged again. At the same time, the opinion of others will be important to you today, so you will probably have to accept this challenge with clenched teeth.


Today it is worth listening to the opinions of friends, acquaintances and even just strangers. But try not to let their voices drown out your own thoughts.


Today you should dedicate yourself to physical work. From mental work sometimes it is necessary to have a rest, and that the thinker will break.


Today you will have a particularly strong feeling of the elbow. You can easily join any team and join any activity. However, it will be difficult for you to initiate something yourself.


Today you will be like a dynamo, not in the sense that you will deceive everyone, but in connection with the exceptional mobility. And not only physical – any task that stands in your way will be solved instantly.


Today, you may be faced with the need to look at things differently. Most likely, you will not like it.


Surround yourself with people who will be able to put you in a good mood. You yourself will not be able to cope with this task.


Now is not the time to criticize everything right and left. Only those who sit idly by are not mistaken. Do not be like these examples of righteousness.


Passion and good intentions rule your life today. Your ability to understand and accept increases. You can read the thoughts of others before they open their mouths.

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