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Gemini will have a bright stripe, and Sagittarius will have a productive day – the Society

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A new astrological forecast for Wednesday, April 6, has become known. Someone will be able to relax on this day, someone will need to think before showing curiosity. Some were advised to be alone, and some – to get rid of unnecessary memories.


Today you may be too suspicious. This may offend someone. If you can’t get rid of prejudices, try not to show it.


It is very likely that your efforts will still lead you to some result. If you suddenly find that the result is not what you need, try to take it for granted.


From today, a period should begin when you can relax, albeit briefly, but extremely fun. Don’t waste time on anything else.


Today you are doomed to success in love affairs. Don’t play cards!


The phone is a great thing, because it allows you to fulfill the duty of courtesy towards friends, acquaintances, loved ones and not very relatives, etc. etc., without breaking away from a comfortable chair / sofa. Remember, don’t you have to call someone?


Today, having looked somewhere without much need, and seeing there a terrible mess and people desperately rushing among it, you can not help but participate in its elimination. This can take up most of the day. Maybe it’s better not to be overly curious?


Today you will feel best left alone. You are unlikely to succeed, so try to at least protect yourself from noise.


Today you may have to give up something and leave somewhere. Parting will not be easy, but it is necessary. Find the strength not to show your sorrow about it.


Today it is worth starting something global. If you do not have such a desire, then start a lot of small things, not to lose such a productive day for nothing.


Get rid of the rubbish that brings back unpleasant memories. You may even get some profit if you are not too lazy to bring it to the old man.


You should not be as demanding of people as you are of yourself, they are not so perfect. Today you will have to show just angelic patience, because it is possible to face a person who is stupid and narcissistic to the point of disgrace.


Today, trying to understand your thoughts, you run the risk of digging. This is sometimes useful, but now there are no special reasons for such an exercise, and the time and mental energy spent on this work will be a pity.

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