Galkin’s Ukrainian friend about the last conversation with the TV presenter

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The TV presenter was told that he was not expected to return to Russia.

In late February, TV presenter Maxim Galkin and singer Alla Pugacheva were among the first stars to leave Russia. The couple assured that they had gone to Israel to rest and would return soon, but the further away, the more Galkin and his wife realized that they were no longer expected in their homeland. Recently, the TV presenter addressed the fans, in which he named the reason for his move abroad. Maxim admitted that at the end of February he lost his job – his face was banned during advertising breaks, and then all over Russia, local authorities began to ban his concerts. Now Galkin plans to give concerts in Israel.

His girlfriend and colleague Masha Efrosinina recently contacted the TV presenter by phone. The Ukrainian TV presenter learned that in addition to terminating Galkin’s contracts, he was actually deprived of a family castle in the village of Gryaz near Moscow.

“Maxim’s appeals from the first days became a signal to me that, it turns out, it is possible to speak out and take the children out. It is possible! So, it is only a matter of internal choice. He lost everything. He did not give me the right to disclose details, but I will say this: there is no lock. Everything has been confiscated, a criminal case is being prepared, it is being deleted and blackened in the press according to the full program. That is, everything that artists in Russia are afraid of is happening to him. He is not and will not be, “the TV presenter told Ukrainian television.

It should be noted that Maxim Galkin has already been replaced in the program “Tonight” on Channel One. According to rumors, the People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Nikolai Tsiskoridze will now take the lead.

Earlier, Galkina harshly criticized journalist Margarita Simonyan. Live, the editor-in-chief of RT not only walked on the TV presenter, but also touched on his personal life, turning to insults. In particular, she doubted that Maxim really loved Pugachev. The couple was supported by Catherine Gordon. The lawyer accused Simonyan of PR for blood.

“People like Alla Borisovna are born every hundred years, people like Margarita Simonyan appear periodically. They try very hard, try very hard, pay tribute, and then also betray those they work for. Unfortunately, there will be no more people like Alla Borisovna. Do not lose your human face, do not allow yourself to be mean, even strongly serving someone. This is the essence of an educated honest, conceptual patriotic Russian man, “said Ekaterina.

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