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There is information on the Internet that Alla Pugacheva allegedly found a job abroad.

Alla Pugacheva has been living in Israel with her family for more than a month. There she settled in an elite villa in Caesarea. At first it was reported that the actress went only on vacation to recover, but the break from studying with Lisa Harry is long over, and the diva never returned. And although the People’s Artist has denied rumors that she remains living in Israel, many fans are confident that the family will remain in exile forever.

Earlier, there was information that Alla Pugacheva had allegedly launched a procedure for obtaining Israeli citizenship. It was noted that thanks to the Jewish nationality of Maxim Galkin’s mother, it will be possible to obtain citizenship easily and quickly under the repatriation program.

Finally, there was information that Pugacheva was looking for a school in Israel for her twins Lisa and Harry. And she allegedly even found a job abroad. She allegedly intends to get a job on local television, where she was offered huge money by Russian standards for the author’s show.

However, Alla Pugacheva has been retired for a long time, so it is unknown whether she will be able to work. The main earner in the family recently was Maxim Galkin, who worked on several projects.


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