Galich presented a series of films about the nineties

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A series of documentaries “Cool 90s” has started on the Premier video platform. The host of the project is blogger Ida Galich. The first two films are dedicated to racketeering and the fashion of the 90s.

Ida Galich. Photo: provided by Premier

In the films, the presenter will understand where the racket came from in the USSR and what it was. In particular, musician Stas Baretsky will talk about the funeral business in the nineties. Singer Irina Saltykova – about her filming in “Brother-2”. Another singer – Lyubov Uspenskaya – will share how she performed on holidays in front of criminal authorities.

“I often performed for bandits. These were some of my main clients. And thanks to my songs, many of them calmed down and then chose the right path. Many cared for me. I just came to Moscow, started working, lived in a hotel in Yasenevo. She accepted gifts: “Mercedes”, fur coats, diamonds were given. “

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In the movie “Cool 90’s with Ida Galich: fashion, racket and heavy luxury ”the presenter meets with key figures from the fashion world of the 90s and tries to understand why the aesthetics of that time became relevant again.

Recall that the documentary series “Steep 90’s with Ida Galich » available on Premier for free viewing.

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