Gagarin, who hid his personal life, was stunned by the confession

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Fans believe that the star dedicated a song to his ex-wife.

Polina Gagarina divorced Dmitry Iskhakov last winter, with whom she gave birth to a daughter, Mia. After parting with her husband, the singer prefers to hide her personal life, so fans are looking for answers to their questions in the work of the singer and in her publications on the Web.

Recently, Gagarin stunned fans with a penetrating confession that sometimes people end their relationships despite the fact that they love each other. The star released a track on this topic, which was called “Forever”. Polina presented it to the general public on her social networks.

“There is no such thing as true love. Two loving hearts are connected to each other # FOREVER, ”Gagarin said. Meanwhile, subscribers began to wonder to whom the celebrity dedicated the new song. “Exactly about my ex-husband,” one of the followers suggested.

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