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Red Bull has made a short documentary about Carlos ocelote Rodriguez Santiago – Founder and head of the e-sports club G2 Sports. In a ten-minute video, he and his colleagues talked about the values ​​of the organization, shared views on brand development, as well as plans for further development of the industry.

According to Rodriguez, the club’s teams are always focused on winning, and this is the main condition for all players without exception.

Carlos ocelote Rodriguez Santiago:

“With the players, I’m not the CEO at all. I’m a bit of their boss, a bit of a mentor, a bit of a friend. Few are their biggest haters, and few are their biggest fans. I do not see our women’s Valorant team as exclusively female. For me, it’s just a team. I wanted to put together a team of winners, and it turned out to be women. I am well versed in the settings of my moral compass. And if I have to choose between the success of G2 and our personal relationship, I will choose G2. You are responsible for high standards, for keeping the first place. The team you see now – I say this based on personal experience – is likely to change dramatically in 18 months. “

In the film, ocelote also noted that humor plays a big role in the development of the G2 Esports brand. The organization strives to entertain its fans and does so regardless of the results of its teams in tournaments.

Carlos ocelote Rodriguez Santiago
Carlos ocelote Rodriguez Santiago:

“Different eSports teams and organizations remain in demand in different ways. We, for example, refer our company to the entertainment industry. We have a duty to entertain our fans. Sometimes we do it through victory, sometimes through defeat. <…>

If you want us to say after the game that yes, the opponent played better, we played worse, then you need boring teams? There are so many of them. We are humorous about our defeats, and that’s a great reaction. <…>

Every time you do something new, expanding the boundaries of any industry or topic, you will meet 50% of haters and 50% of fans. Either you hate us or you kill for us, like this. I like it. That’s cool. That’s how we always stay in the spotlight. “

The CEO of G2 Esports hopes that in the future the club’s activities will go far beyond the competitive scene and the organization will pay more attention to other branches of the entertainment industry.

Carlos ocelote Rodriguez Santiago
Carlos ocelote Rodriguez Santiago:

“My dream for G2 is ultimately to create a universe of gaming events, not just to play and compete. We want to create new stories. Create movies and animation. I’m sure one day you’ll see a movie about G2 samurai, and it’ll be cool. “

The e-sports organization G2 Esports was founded in 2015. At the time of the film’s release, it includes more than a dozen teams in CS: GO, League of Legends, Valorant, Fortnite, Apex Legends and other disciplines. The club’s partners include BMW, adidas, Red Bull and Pringles.

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