From mud to prince: 8 K-pop idols from poor families

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Not all K-pop idols come from wealthy families, some had to climb to the top to succeed from the bottom. Here is a list of eight artists who grew up in poverty but became celebrities in the Korean industry, thanks to their hard work and determination.

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Sandara Pak

Sandara Park
Photo: Instagram: @daraxxi

In early childhood Sandara Pak moved to the Philippines due to family problems with money. In addition, it turned out that her father had a second family in Korea, and he left the family. Gifts. And the father took all their money, leaving them penniless. This prompted the girl to work hard to succeed.

Coming soon Pack became a popular actress and singer in the Philippines. She later returned to Korea for an internship at YG Entertainment. And then became a member of the legendary group 2NE1.

TVXQ Yunho

TVXQ Yunho
Photo: Instagram: @ yunho2154

Yunho from TVXQ in adolescence it was not sweet. His family was going through difficult times. They ended up being evicted from their own homes, and sometimes they even had to spend the night at train stations.

Then Yunho and decided to become a singer to help his family, but his parents opposed. He had to earn extra money in several places to raise money for his dream. Fortunately, Yunho took in SM Entertainment and he debuted as part of TVXQ.


BTS V Butter
Photo: Instagram: @ bts.bighitofficial

you from BTS can safely be called a world-class star, but he comes from a very poor family. He once thought he would be a farmer, and he certainly never dreamed of becoming a celebrity.

It all started when Kim Taehyun (real name you) together with a friend came to the audition, although at first I was not going. As a result, he successfully auditioned, and the rest is history.

Harry from Girl’s Day

Photo: Instagram: @ hyeri_0609

Lee Hory spent almost all of her childhood away from her parents, who worked to feed the family despite financial difficulties. She lived with her sister and grandmother outside the city, and her mother worked in a factory for 15 years.

After his debut Girl’s Day Heri was able to help the family cope with the difficult situation. She even bought a huge apartment for her parents in Seoul, and gave her father a luxury foreign car.

BTS Shuga

BTS Suga
Photo: Facebook: BTS

Slush – Another participant BTSwho had a hard time before he became a star. His family had financial difficulties, and everything went so far that they had to choose between food and travel on public transport. If Slush bought a plate of noodles for a couple of dollars, then he had to walk home.

To make money during an internship Slush worked part-time as a courier and in a recording studio. Already at 13 he wrote songs, which he later sold. Despite a shoulder injury at work, he continued to pursue his dream.

Tamin (SHINee)

Photo: Facebook: SHINee

During one of the live broadcasts the participant SHINee Tamin said that when he was little, his family had financial difficulties. He couldn’t even afford to buy an MP3 player. He told how he wore some headphones just to fit in with other children.

After an internship at SM Entertainment, he officially made his debut as a member SHINee and was able to buy his parents a house in Gangnam.

Kim Jong Un

Kim Chungha
Photo: Instagram: @chungha_official

Because of money problems family Chonghi was in debt. Fortunately, she was lucky on the show Produce 101, and she was able to debut in IOI After the breakup of the band, she started working solo.

Becoming one of the most popular solo singers in 2019 Chonha was able to fully repay the debts of parents. She even bought her mother a branded bag as a Christmas present.


Photo: Instagram: @rain_oppa

The last idol in our list – Rhine. His family was ruined by the Asian financial crisis in 1997, which hit several countries, including South Korea. His father had to declare himself bankrupt. And then they moved to Brazil to earn money.

Rhine told that more than once he had to starve because there was no food in the house. His mother died of diabetes because they had no money for medicine.

Currently Rhine – one of the richest stars in South Korea. He and his wife Kim Tae Hee Is one of the most influential couples in the entertainment industry.

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