From Dostoevsky to Banny and Karlin. What is the new book of the famous Barnaul gallery owner about and why is it important today

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Art critic Vadim Klimov has written a new book “Dostoevsky travel”

Metamodernism and Dostoevsky

Vadim Klimov had the idea to write a book about Barnaul through the eyes of Fyodor Dostoevsky in St. Petersburg.

“We have only one monograph on Dostoevsky’s arrival in Barnaul – the work of philologist Elena Safronova. But it abounds in literary and philological delicacies, which are not interesting to the average reader. And I am more interested in the everyday side of this event – what he saw here in 1857, his relationship with this world, “the author explained.

The book is essentially a selection of letters from Dostoevsky and his Barnaul friends with historical comments from Klimov himself, which are not marked with a footnote, and embedded in the words of the heroes.

As befits a play, at the very beginning of the publication the actors are indicated: FM – ensign, former convict, writer, groom; PP (Peter Petrovich Tien-Shansky) – College Secretary; Samoilov’s brothers – famous in Barnaul actors of the Amateur theater of the Altai mountain district and others.

Art critic Vadim Klimov has written a new book “Dostoevsky Passage”

According to the plot, Dostoevsky comes to visit the Tien Shan and the two of them walk around the city, stopping at different historical sites, existing and already disappeared – Peter and Paul Fortress, Mountain pharmacy, Cathedral Square and other facilities.

At the same time, the author is constantly jumping into the future, which both travelers could not see.

Excerpt from the play-tour

PP: In 1893, in connection with the reduction of silver smelting and its value, The Barnaul plant was closed. Later, a sawmill was located in its premises, and in Soviet times there was a match factory.

FM: My dear friend, you say words unknown to me. For example, what does soviet mean

PP: I’m sorry, I can’t explain that. In 1917, the political system in Russia changed. The Soviet era will come. I do not understand everything, but it will last 74 years. Forget it for now.

Klimov, with his inherent humor, does not forget about the iconic figures of the XXI century – in particular, here are the names of the famous businessman Anatoly Bannykh and former governor Alexander Karlin.

Art critic Vadim Klimov has written a new book “Dostoevsky Passage”

In general, from the book you can learn many different interesting facts and legends about the city and the region.

“For example, the last tiger in the Altai was shot in the 1820s near the village of Talmenka. There is a scene in the play, describing the hunt for this predator in the Tien Shan. Many more are sure, that Barnaul was the merchant’s capital, although in 1857 there were only four merchants of the first guild. There were many more of them in Biysk, ”said the art critic and playwright.

In what went, than paid, what they ate (in the note there are several menus from the XIX century), which were seen in theaters around the world and in Russia – all these household signs of that time in the play can also be found.

Put up a monument

Dostoevsky is the only world-famous Russian author, who was in Barnaul, and more than once, and spoke very warmly about the city in his letters. But for some reason the descendants of Barnaul still do not seek to perpetuate this event.

Art critic Vadim Klimov has written a new book “Dostoevsky Passage”

Truth, there is a street named after the genius in Barnaul, but hardly anyone knows, where she is (hint – a small alley in the private sector near the park “Jubilee” from the street North-West to Chudnenko).

“If I were the head of tourism, then I would have erected a monument a long time ago and read around it. He would form the “Dostoevsky Trail” and lead tours along it. When there is the most interesting world-class object – why not do it? ”Klimov argues.

According to art critics, he has his own theory, why Dostoevsky may be disliked by local officials. The author’s works about difficult and psychologically difficult people can play an important role in this.

“Besides, he’s a criminal, lag, although later he was returned to the title of nobleman. But the government never likes the rehabilitated, “Klimov said.

The interlocutor also casually mentioned, that a monument to Dostoevsky may appear in Barnaul in the near future, but decided not to disclose the details yet.

There will be an exhibition

As Vadim Klimov is the owner of the gallery “Respublika IZO”, he took the illustrations of his publication with all seriousness.

Famous Barnaul graphic artist Yuri Grebenshchikov painted more than 20 works especially for the book, who has his own, recognizable style of work.

Art critic Vadim Klimov has written a new book “Dostoevsky Passage”

Art critic Vadim Klimov has written a new book “Dostoevsky Passage”

Art critic Vadim Klimov has written a new book “Dostoevsky Passage”

In humorous heroes, again, you can recognize modern faces. For example, Samoilov brothers-actors, which, according to legend, persuaded Dostoevsky to write something for the stage, the graphic artist portrayed in the form of other Samoilov musicians, known for the group “Agatha Christie”.

“By the way, they are also connected with Barnaul – the musicians’ aunt lives here, ”Klimov shared an interesting fact.

From November 4, Grebenshchikov’s illustrative works will be on display at a separate exhibition in the gallery.

Where to buy and see

There are not so many copies of the book “Dostoevsky Passage” – some will be transferred to regional libraries, the other can be bought in the gallery “Respublika IZO”. Price – 550 rubles. Another book is available on LitRes.

Art critic Vadim Klimov has written a new book “Dostoevsky Passage”

The publication has already begun its independent life: the Fortress Theater became interested in the play – at the end of November they will present the premiere based on it. The production was directed by Konstantin Borneman, who previously staged a series of historical performances about Barnaul.

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