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Friske’s father explained why his daughter did not name the heiress Jeanne

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As Vladimir noted, if a boy was born, he would be named after him.

Vladimir Friske. Photo: Global Look Press

The father of the late singer Jeanne Friske on the air of the program “You won’t believe it!” on the NTV channel explained why his daughter Natalia did not name her heiress Jeanne, in honor of her late sister.

Natalia Friske
Natalia Friske. Photo: Global Look Press

“No. Jeanne’s name was not considered. But this is not necessary. It’s useless. If a boy had been born, she would have named him Vladimir after me. And the girl. I do not know. We’ll find out soon. “

Vladimir Friske

As Vladimir noted Friske, granddaughter in his breed. “I was sent photos of her when Natasha was still pregnant. He saw eyes and lips. Very well visible. You wake up at night and see what she will be like. I was looking forward to this baby. Completely changed everything in the bathroom. He made a stretch ceiling, ”Vladimir said Friske.

Recall that Natalia Friske a few days ago I became a mother for the first time. Until she told the general public what she called her daughter.

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