France detained the painting belonging to the Avenue after the exhibition

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France has detained two paintings, one of which belongs to a Russian billionaire under sanctions, after the exhibition “Icons of Contemporary Art” at the Louis Vuitton Foundation. reported TV channel France 24 with reference to the statement of the Ministry of Culture of the country. The exhibition was dedicated to the meeting of patron and art collector Ivan Morozov, it ended on April 3, 2022.

According to a source in France24, this is a painting by artist Peter Konchalovsky “Self-portrait in gray”, which belongs to billionaire Peter Aven. About the same wrote the French newspaper Le Monde, without specifying the source of the information. The work will remain in France as long as its owner’s assets are frozen, the country’s culture ministry said. Neither France24 nor Le Monde commented on Aven.

The second detained painting, according to the French Ministry of Culture, belongs to Dnieper Art Museum of the Ukrainian Dnieper (formerly called Dnepropetrovsk). We are talking about portrait of Margarita Morozova works by artist Valentin Serov, written by France24. The TV channel added that, according to the French Ministry of Culture, the painting was detained at the request of the Ukrainian authorities and will remain in France until the situation in Ukraine allows it to be safely returned.

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In addition, France is investigating another painting: it belongs to a private fund linked to another Russian “oligarch” who has come under sanctions, France24 reported, citing the country’s Ministry of Culture. The source of the TV channel claims that this painting belongs to the Museum of Avant-garde Art (MAGMA), which was created on the initiative of Vyacheslav Moshi Kantor – the main shareholder of the fertilizer producer “Akron”. Le Monde writes that he may be detained in France portrait of Timothy Morozov works by Serov, written in 1891. The newspaper also points out that this painting for the exhibition at the Louis Vuitton Foundation was provided by the Museum of Avant-garde Art, created on the initiative of Cantor. Cantor came under British sanctions.

A spokesman for the Russian embassy in Paris told TASS that “no one was detained.” “Logistics issues are being resolved. In the current conditions it is not easy “, – stated interlocutor of the agency. In total, about 200 paintings took part in the exhibition, most of them from the funds of the Hermitage and the Pushkin Museum. The total value of the collection was estimated at at least $ 1.5 billion, wrote Bloomberg.

Finland in April delayed at the Russian customs works of art, which returned after exhibitions in Italy and Japan, due to bureaucratic procedures in connection with sanctions. On April 9, cultural artifacts were exempted from sanctions, which allowed goods to be allowed to cross the border, reported Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland. Ministry of Culture of Russia reported April 9, that three cars with paintings crossed the border of Russia and Finland and are moving to St. Petersburg and Moscow. Works will return to the Hermitage, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Museum of the East, the Pushkin Museum, as well as the collections of Gatchina, Pavlovsk and Tsarskoe Selo.

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