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Truly, there is nothing more disgusting than those monsters, disgusting in nature, called witches, because they are the fruits of vile magic and devilry. These are scoundrels without dignity, conscience and honor, true scoundrels of hell, adapted to murder. There is no place like that between respectable people. And their Kaer Morhen, where those scoundrels nest, where they do their vile deeds, must be wiped off the face of the earth and the trace of it sprinkled with salt and saltpetre.

They roam the country, impudent and arrogant, calling themselves evil fighters, werewolves destroying werewolves and vampire poisoners, luring the gullible for a fee, and after earning so, they move to share in such a scam in the nearest city. They are the easiest to penetrate into the houses of an honest, simple and unaware owner, who easily attributes all the misfortunes and misfortunes to enchantments, unnatural creations and vile monsters, the actions of clouds or evil spirits. Instead of praying to the gods, bringing a rich offering to the temple, the simpleton is ready to give the last shelter to this dirty sorcerer, believing that the sorcerer, this godless freak, will be able to improve his fate and avert misfortune.

It is known that the sorcerer, causing torment, suffering and death to others, experiences such great pleasure and enjoyment, which a pious and normal person achieves when he communicates with his lawful wife, ibidum cum elaculatio. From what has been said, it is clear that in this matter, too, the sorcerer is a creature contrary to nature, an abnormal and vile degenerate from the bottom of hell of the most obscure and stinking kind, because of the suffering and torment of the Devil himself, perhaps, can enjoy.

They wander in different countries, but their inclinations and habits are the same everywhere. This means that no authority, human or divine, is recognized, that no laws and rules are respected, that they do not consider it necessary to obey anyone or anything, and they consider themselves unpunished. Being charlatans by nature, they live by divination, which ordinary people fool, serve as spies, sell fake amulets, counterfeit drugs, poyla and drugs, and also engage in pimping, that is, walking girls are brought to comfort the wicked those who pay. When in need, they are not ashamed to ask for alms, but they do not allow theft, but they love fraud and deceit. Gullible people are deceived, as if they are protecting people, as if they are guarding their safety, killing monsters, but it has long been proven that they do it for their own pleasure, because killing is their main entertainment. In preparation for their actions, they perform a kind of sorcery to seduce the eyes of the beholder. Pious priests immediately expose these tricks and dexterity of hands and shame these servants of demons, called witches.

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