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At the Garden of Emoji Delights, Gunnis combines conventional sign systems from the past and present, thus expanding the lexicon of emoji. The frantic pace of technological development is leading to irreversible changes in everything around us, both biological organisms and the environment. Therefore, the artist decided to analyze the extent to which modern visual language coincides with the symbols used by the visionary artist Jerome Bosch, who lived five hundred years ago. One of his most ambitious works, the triptych “Garden of Earthly Delights”, embodies the black humor, conflict and absurdity inherent in humanity, earthly life and the cosmic order. Gunnis offers a bold interpretation of this masterpiece, and her work can be seen as a parody of classical art and a critique of social order.

Photo: Carla Gunnis

The artist says the following about her work: “In my works I discuss the nature of man, ideologies and the structure of society, which have not changed over the centuries. I also create collages about paradigm shifts that occur as a result of technological and cultural revolutions. ”

Pixie Liao’s exhibition “Your point of view depends on me” offers a look at the absurdity of traditional ideas about men and women in the modern world. Liao grew up in China, where a woman is forced to play the role of mother and guardian of the hearth. But what if a person sees himself differently?

Liao first thought about creating a project “Your point of view depends on me” when she introduced her friends to her young friend Moreau, who is five years younger than the artist, and saw surprise and misunderstanding in the eyes of people close to her. The Japanese Moro Liao considers his main source of inspiration at least for this series, which is devoted to the unusual dynamics in the romantic relationship between a man and a woman. The artist’s work evokes many emotions from bewilderment and disgust to the joy of recognition and fun. Liao is convinced that it is not necessary to follow traditional notions of femininity and masculinity in order to build a happy relationship, and that it is high time to abandon stereotypical thinking.

“Both expositions offer to think more broadly, to go beyond the ordinary. Pixie Liao’s project makes us think about how society shapes our perception of gender roles and how much this perception has influenced us since childhood. The artist Carla Gunnis boldly interprets the work of Jerome Bosch to open our eyes to the fact that emoji have taken over the world, “says the head of exhibition projects Fotografiska Maaria Lawrence.

Interdisciplinary artist Carla Gunnis lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. In her work, she examines contemporary culture through the prism of ambiguous relationships between the real and virtual worlds, nature and art, science and science fiction. Gunnis is interested in the semiotics of digital reality; she is close to the idea of ​​horror vacui, which is expressed in the desire to fill the art canvas with the maximum number of details. The sources of inspiration for the artist are communication with colleagues, the history of art and literature, new technologies and books that present controversial ideas.

Gunnis earned a master’s degree in painting from Boston University. She is currently a professor at Tandona School of Engineering at New York University: Gunnis works in the Integrated Digital Media program at the Faculty of Technology, Culture and Social Sciences.

Pixie Liao was born and raised in Shanghai, China. He currently lives and works in New York, USA. She won a scholarship in photography from the New York Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, won the LensCulture Exposure and received an En Foco scholarship to create new works. She has been an art resident with Light Work, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Woodstock Photography Center and the New York Camera Club. Liao’s works have been exhibited around the world: Rencontres d’Arles (France), Format Photography Festival (UK), Noorderlicht Photo Festival (Netherlands), Asia Societys (USA), VT Artsalon (Taiwan), He Xiangning Art Museum (China) ) and other countries. Liao received her master’s degree in photography from the University of Memphis.

Pixie Liao’s exhibition is open until August 14, the works of Carla Gunnis can be seen until August 28.

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