former Timati told the truth about the attitude towards Russians in London

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Anastasia Reshetova broadcast news from the British capital.

Celebrities report that their friends and acquaintances living abroad began to face harassment. One of the sensational stories of Russophobia towards Russians was the scandal in Chanel boutiques, where customers were asked to sign a paper confirming that the brand’s items will not get to Russia.

Recently, model Anastasia Reshetova flew to London. The celebrity said that everything was calm in the capital of Foggy Albion and she had never personally encountered or witnessed a manifestation of Russophobia.

“I do not feel anything unpleasant in relation to the Russians in London. This is not the first time here since what happened. Everything is calm. They are pumping, ”said Timati’s ex-lover on social media.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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